About Me

My name is Jordan Schutz and I am in my third year of Middle year’s education at the University of Regina. I am currently a pre-intern in the grade 5/6 class at Plainsview school and am loving everything about it. I am learning a lot about myself as a future educator, including classroom management, teaching techniques and building those strong bonds and relationships with each of your students.

I am from a small town, Grenfell Sk, about an hour east of Regina. I chose to come to the University of Regina as it has one of the best education programs in the entire country. In my free time I love to spend time with my family and friends as well as playing volleyball, going for runs, walks or rollerblade strolls. Aside from being a full time student, I am a server at East Side Mario’s.

I believe that the best classroom management technique is to build those strong relationships with each of your students. It is important to develop those relationships so that students can fully trust you. It is important to get to know each student personally, as well as about their story and their family. I also believe it is important to incorporate social justice in your classroom as students need to start acknowledging and learning about these things starting at a young age. My dream job would be teaching in a grade 5 or 6 classroom in either rural Saskatchewan or else at any Regina Public School. I can’t wait to continue my learning journey as a middle years teacher!